Why Know Your WHY?

Little kids want to know why. Everything is why… Why is the sky blue? Why do I have hair on my head? Why do dogs bark and cats meow? Why do I have to eat green beans? Yuck!?? The questioning is endless.
Every mystery book, movie and TV show hooks us by keeping us wanting to know not only the how, but the why. What motivated that character to act in that way? “Why’d ya do it kid?”
It is certainly not an unfamiliar question to any of us and yet it remains the most widely asked question ever. Without an immediate answer our brains begin to squirm. We just can’t accept no answer and to fill in that space we begin to make up reasons and stories to fit the situation to satisfy that need to know “why.”
In business people are only slightly interested to know what you do might do for them (benefits). They are slightly less interested to learn how you do what you do (features). However, they earnestly want to know WHY you do what you do.
Simon Sinek, author of “Start With Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action,” tells us that people don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.
This is profound thinking in the realm of attracting loyal followers, prospects and ultimately clients. He continues, “Most people know what they’re doing and some even know how they’re doing it but very few know why.” “Why is the only part that inspires people. It’s your purpose, your belief, your (or your company’s) reason for being.” “People buy on emotion and justify by logic. They buy on why.” “Buy” means to purchase a product, adopt your point of view, join your cause or even vote for someone.
(Watch Simon Sinek’s 18 minute TED Talk.)
Your clearly stated WHY will inspire not only you but, more importantly, others. You must be the first person on board. Without a powerful enough reason, nothing important will ever be accomplished. Running a business, leading a revolution, getting up in the morning – it all starts with your WHY.
How many can state clearly what your WHY is? Right now? Can you complete the following sentences?
The reason I do what I do, the purpose I am here to fulfill is __________.
The meaning I give to my life is __________.
What I stand for is __________.
Leave your comment here with your answers. I’ll go first…
The reason I do what I do, the purpose I am here to fulfill is to make a difference in the lives of others and to guide others to discover their greatness. Essentially, helping you find your WHY is my WHY.
The meaning I give to my life is that we are all here to discover our gift and then to find the people who are supposed to receive our gift.
What I stand for is honesty in all that I do and say, revealing your greatness and being the driving force behind you living a life of purpose, power and passion.
Your turn to share. I look forward to seeing your reasons, gifts and WHY’s.
Having trouble sorting out your WHY? Not sure you have one? You’re not alone. Don’t wait a minute more wondering and suffering. All of us are meant to know our purpose. Here’s a thought, contact Lynn and Rick for a Complimentary Brainstorming Session and together we’ll begin the exploration process to create your solid and inspiring WHY.
A sense of purpose is at the very top of the pyramid of self-actualization created by Abraham Maslow more than 50 years ago.
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