What is a Great Coach?

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What is a Great Coach? Part 1 Actually, the question is better asked, What is a coach? And, then, What makes up a great coach? Here’s a list of qualities you might consider important when identifying your ideal coach.
A Great Coach is someone who lives your commitment
By finding out what you’re desires are a great coach can do much more than merely support you in what you are up to. You’ll find your coach to be dedicated to your goals and the achievements you seek. Your coach embraces your dreams through the darkest of times, holding fast on to them until you are ready to take hold of them yourself.
A Great Coach is someone who remembers when you forget
Doesn’t it seem like the speed of life has been turned up a couple of notches? What used to spin at 33 revolutions a minute now turns at 133 RPM. We are bombarded by ads and requests, projects and deadlines. It’s easy to overlook the reason behind your actions. A great coach holds onto your thoughts and imaginings and reminds you regularly why you’re doing all that you do.
A Great Coach is someone who has you reaching for the sky
The ordinary and mundane amongst us have goals and dreams that are easily attained. The commonplace and average are never driven to reach beyond their grasp. A great coach demands you let go of the safe and known for the exciting and unknown. No human can grow unless forced to extend themselves. He or she who believes you can achieve is a great coach.
A Great Coach is someone who never lets you give up on your dream
Our dreams are precious to us, each and everyone. Each thought harbors the gem of emotional radiance. A great coach can feel your fear of defeat against the elation of success. They know and have known the doubt paired up with undeniable confidence. But, never will they permit you to let loose sight of the dream you hold so dear. A great coach strengthens your resolve and stands with you to prevail.
A Great Coach is someone who has you think and discover and create
We know that yesterday’s thinking cannot solve today’s problems. Self-development is necessary and essential for growth and success. One must seek truth in whatever shape is comes. Causing one to be everything they were meant to be is the mark of a great coach. We’ve all been placed here for a purpose, a divine purpose, your coach knows that only too well and will make you work for it.

A Great Coach is a stand for the possibility that you are
All that we are, all that we can be stems from the greatest of gifts, the gift of possibility. There is greatness within each and every one of us. Perhaps the gift must be drawn out, lured forth into the daylight to fulfill ones innermost desire. You are here to share your gifts with those who need to hear them. Your gifts are championed by the one who stands for your greatness, your coach.

A Great Coach is someone you can always count on, no matter what
We promise to be great coaches.
Part 2 next.
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What is a Great Coach

What is a Great Coach?
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