Things That Go Bump in the Night and a Tool to Uncover Ones Pain

It’s quiet in the house, everyone is asleep, and you are too. Nothing out of the ordinary happens in the quiet to disturb your sleep, but, with an unexpected jolt your eyes pop open, a thought races through your mind and you’re done sleeping. (Actually, that penetrating thought raced through your mind first and then you awoke.)
Lying there with consciousness restored, you wonder what could possibly have that much power and influence over you to wake you from a sound sleep at 3 o’clock in the morning. Yet, now you can’t get that thought out of your head. 
Things in the depths of our mind, unspoken things are the most likely responsible culprit. It’s a thought that you’ve boxed up, placed deep in your subconscious for safe keeping. These thoughts are probably things you wouldn’t ever consider discussing with your dog, let alone another human being. 
We don’t talk about the things that make us appear to be less than. We don’t talk about the hidden and dark secrets that would cause us embarrassment and shame. We won’t talk about the painfully devious thoughts lurking in the background, in our subconscious vault. So we bottle them up, hide them somewhere in our mind behind a more pleasant thought and deposit the physical component somewhere in our body. 
Personally, I know when I’m being positional and inflexible about something because my neck hurts. Now that didn’t take a Ph.D. to figure out. Of course having Louise Hay’s book “Heal Your Body” helps a lot. 
What are some of the things that you won’t discuss? Won’t uncage? Money has got to be public enemy number one; but bills and cash flow, business, personal  relationships, things you’ve done you’re not proud of, upsets with another, fears of all sorts are capable of  interrupting a peaceful night’s sleep.
What does a number on your sleep pattern?
Napoleon Hill first outlined the Six Basic Fears of Mankind in his predecessor to “Think and Grow Rich”, “The Law of  Success in Sixteen Lessons.”* Here are the 6 basic fears.  
“THE SIX BASIC FEARS OF MANKIND: Every person falls heir to the influence of six basic fears.
Under these six  fears may be listed the lesser fears. The six basic or major fears are here enumerated and the sources from which they are believed to have grown are described. The six basic fears are:
a. The fear of Poverty
b. The fear of Old Age
c. The fear of Criticism
d. The fear of Loss of Love of Someone.
e. The fear of Ill Health
f.  The fear of Death.”
The Tool
If you really want to help solve someone’s problem find out what wakes them at 3 o’clock in the morning. Chances are good, if you can get them talking about it, you’ve got the basis for making a difference in their lives. Just be cautious not to use what you discover to manipulate or control. What goes around comes around. Use this information for good and you’ll never lose a night’s sleep over it.
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*The Law of Success in Sixteen Lessons is the predecessor to Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich. It is a much more comprehensive text originally published in 1925. When Henry Ford got a hold of the publication he demanded it’s removal from the bookstore shelves fearing there would be no more workers for his factory. It is now available in .pdf format.  http://inspiring-transitions.com/law-of-success.pdf
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