Finding a Place to Live – Part 2

We flew in from Greenville Saturday night after 4 days of looking, looking, looking for a place to rent. It was our intention and focus to find a place and we found TWO! Now, that, in an of itself, smells of success and… it is. Yet, as you well enough know, success can be both sweet and bitter… Continue Reading »


Finding a Place to Live

Throughout the process leading up to our move out of South Florida Lynn and I have had to use every personal development and transformational  tool at our disposal. We have had our ups and downs, and our moments of passing doubt and giddy elation. Hey, we’re human, ya know? We’ve uber focused o Continue Reading »


We’re Certified! And, That’s a Big Deal!

Both Lynn and I have been Certified as Passion Test Facilitators. Whoo Hoo!
We sat in a hotel meeting room with 26 other participants from 7 countries for four days. Isn’t that amazing? People came to Fort Lauderdale from all over the world for this course. We got to meet Janet Bray Attwood, co- a Continue Reading »