Between Fantasy and Reality – Imagination

In some form or another each of us has the ability to use his or her imagination. Some are able more than others. Imagination is the ability to create in thought anything, real or not. Using your imagination puts things into your mind without necessarily the use of the five senses.
We use imaginatio Continue Reading »


Great Communication – Don’t Get The Wrong Idea

Two large puffs of white smoke rose lazily far off on the horizon followed by a small one and another large one. There were smiles all round. It was a good sign. Two large, one small and another large meant that the hunt was a success and there would be full tummies tonight and for many nights to co Continue Reading »


Things That Go Bump in the Night and a Tool to Uncover Ones Pain

It’s quiet in the house, everyone is asleep, and you are too. Nothing out of the ordinary happens in the quiet to disturb your sleep, but, with an unexpected jolt your eyes pop open, a thought races through your mind and you’re done sleeping. (Actually, that penetrating thought raced through you Continue Reading »