Extraordinary Living Through Discipline

Of all the topics to be included within the lighter side of self-development, discipline and self-discipline didn’t seem to boil right up to the top. So, maybe that’s why writing this piece has taken me longer than expected. I just wasn’t, nor did I want to be, disciplined enough to write it. Continue Reading »


The Not Soooo Serious Side of Making You a Better and Enlightened Human Being

You’ve had an “ah-ha” moment, we all have. It comes like an electrical shock, jolts your eyes open wide and your mouth slack jawed. Maybe it should be an “oh-ho”, rather than an “ah-ha”.
One moment there is peace and tranquility, a sense of comfort, the next moment new realms of possib Continue Reading »


Resolving the Network Marketing Paradox

In my last post I made it very clear that many in network marketing who entertain the idea of leaving the business feel a deep inner conflict. In spite of the fact that their business has not produced the income they had hoped for and envisioned, many continue their network marketing endeavors with Continue Reading »