Set Your Desire on Fire

In the realm of personal development and achievement there are several core subjects none more central than desire. Desire is the foundation of all successes. Without desire, without the need for something – for food, clothing, shelter; love, attention or affection; contribution, fame or fortune – n


The Power from Within – Build Confidence

If you had to define confidence what would you say it is? How would you describe it? Could you give someone as an example of a confident person? Could you show what confidence looks like?
Mostly animals display confidence. Have you ever noticed how a cat can judge just how much effort is needed to l Continue Reading »


The Not Soooo Serious Side of Making You a Better and Enlightened Human Being

You’ve had an “ah-ha” moment, we all have. It comes like an electrical shock, jolts your eyes open wide and your mouth slack jawed. Maybe it should be an “oh-ho”, rather than an “ah-ha”.
One moment there is peace and tranquility, a sense of comfort, the next moment new realms of possib Continue Reading »