Looking for Leaders


Network marketers are always on a hunt for people like themselves – business builders, believers, business “engineers,” leaders.
Case in point, I had a brief chat with a lady on Facebook and she asked me if I was having any success being a member of a group there. I told her that it was Continue Reading »


Our Ask

One of the great business coaches (in our opinion) of our times, David Neagle, says that it is easy to make money. 
All you have to do is ask for it. 
With that simple statement, up come the “yeah, buts’”, the counter thoughts, the disbelief, the fears and the doubts. But, David is the one w Continue Reading »


Resolving the Network Marketing Paradox

In my last post I made it very clear that many in network marketing who entertain the idea of leaving the business feel a deep inner conflict. In spite of the fact that their business has not produced the income they had hoped for and envisioned, many continue their network marketing endeavors with Continue Reading »