Set Your Desire on Fire

In the realm of personal development and achievement there are several core subjects none more central than desire. Desire is the foundation of all successes. Without desire, without the need for something – for food, clothing, shelter; love, attention or affection; contribution, fame or fortune – n


What Is It You Really Want?


You and I live in a fully stocked candy store. There are aisles and aisles of every kind of candy on display. There are chocolates and caramels, taffy, suckers, candy bars, wrapped candy and un-wrapped candy, cotton candy and candy on a stick. There’s even an ice cream section that overwhelms Continue Reading »


Causing Uncertainty to Create Certainty

Gee, it’s almost midyear already!
Do times seem to be a bit more uncertain than they did just a few months ago?
Living with uncertainty can take its toll on your motivation and desire, your optimism and your good nature, even your health and wellbeing. Naturally we want to be in control of our li Continue Reading »