Success – By Whose Standard?

Almost everyone wants to be a success in life. Having been taught about success in business, personal success, financial success, family success, spiritual success, it is difficult not to feel the need to be a
success. Heck, the pressure to be successful is almost palatable.
But, not everyone is a success in every area of their lives.
How does that feel? Not so good? But wait! You’re not a success by whose definition? By society’s definition or by yours? Therein lies the crucial truth to the success mandate.    
Now, you could compare yourself to those whom society deems successful, a standard set by mob psychology, attainable by the limited few and the source of extreme frustration for most. Are you really in competition with those who immediately come to mind as successful? Is that a realistic assessment? No, not
Success is defined as: the favorable outcome of something attempted or the attainment of wealth, fame, etc.
That’s what the dictionary says. What it doesn’t say is by whose standard success is defined
With any success, physical, spiritual, financial, family, personal, etc., we
feel a sense of the achievement. Why? Because we set out to be, do or have something and it comes to be through our own efforts. Who sets the
goal to achieve? Who says what needs to be done?

The real meaning to success is in the source of the definition of success. Success is a very, very personal thing. What I consider a roaring success you may think of as a profound underachievement and vice versa. It all depends upon what you say being a success is. You can chase the Warren Buffet, Lady Gaga or Bill Gates model for success or you can pursue your own definition of success.

There is only one definition of success that makes a difference. Your
personal definition of success is the only one that counts.
Have you taken the time yet to create your personal definition of success?
Next week’s post: How to Create Your Personal Definition of Success
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