So Many Things to Things to Talk About!

There is just so much to talk about I don’t know where to begin… or to end.

It’s the end of another year so we could talk about evaluating last year’s performance (or lack thereof) or we could get on with setting new goals and resolutions for 2012. Gee, neither are terribly exciting topics.
Let’s see, by the end of January we will have a new certification and modality under our belt from which to coach, but we’re saving that conversation for the campaign in mid January. Hmmm?  Still thinking.
We watched the movie Thrive over the weekend and could discuss the vast difficulties we all face regarding world banking and healthcare crisis, politics, food alteration, energy dispensing, the consolidation of media and the looming global caste system or the grass roots solutions that Foster Gamble suggests. But, as interesting as that all is, we’ll leave if for your contemplation. Just not up to such deep thinking this week. You can always take a peek at the site and think for yourself– http://thrivemovement.com.

There is always the standard discussions to be had about the Internet: search engine optimization, social media maximization, tasteful and successful branding, blogging, email marketing, list building, Facebook exploitation, LinkedIn maximization, tribe syndication, apps development, network marketing, Internet marketing and the latest and greatest “I”-something or another coming out. Yawn, think not.
We could idly pass a couple hundred words together about personal development and it’s myriad of off shoots. How about the latest self improvement book you’ve read or motivational course you’ve taken? The discussion could turn to having belief, not having belief, losing your
passion, finding your passion, blind and unbridled faith, fire and desire, thinking big,
controlling the little voice, coping with your past, living into a future, seeing what’s possible, adding value, being satisfied, being unsatisfied, having fulfilling relationships, dealing with your parents, coworkers, friends, acquaintances or the jerk who just cut you off in traffic.
Delving into the realm of guru’s, the mega wealthy, Hollywood celebrities, Dancing with the Stars, next seasons Idol, the next episode of Gossip Girl, maybe the wide world of sports – basketball, baseball,  football, soccer, hockey, bowling, billiards, racing, golf, skating, volleyball or tidily-winks heroes might be fun. Don’t forget the Olympics next year in London!  
Let’s see, there’s politics, religion and sex. Uh-oh, we’re supposed to steer clear of those subject regardless of how tender and juicy a topic they might be.(Don’t look at the New York Magazine cover to the right!)

I’m feeling a bit like Andy Rooney (he should rest in peace). I think I’m going to take this week off and not write about anything. There’s a good book on my night stand I’m actually reading for pleasure. You can find me there, feet propped up, book in one hand, petting the cat with the other. Over and out!
No, really, I am reading this book!

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Rick Lelchuk

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