Why Should I Schedule a Complimentary 30-Minute Brainstorming Session?

What is a Brainstorming Session and what makes you think I would want one?

A Brainstorming Session determines if we are a fit for each other. In 30 minutes we can both establish whether what we offer at Inspiring Transitions will make a difference in your business and your life or not. Not everyone we’ve had a Session with is a good match and scheduling one is the only way to find out.

It’s simply a conversation about what you need, want or don’t want and what we can do to help you get that. And, it’s free!

OK, so what are some of the things we’d be talking about?

We’d get to know one another. We’d find out where you are now and where you want to be. Our talk would center on your business, your dreams and your aspirations. And, it would be helpful to know why you chose the business you’re in or want to be in.

What would I get out of this 30 minute talk anyway?

If you have a business you’d begin to take a look at the reasons you think your business is not where you want it to be. You might share what you imagine might block you, hold you back or maybe what plain frightens you. If you are not in business yet we’d look at what you want to accomplish and by when. We know that everyone has similar feelings; it’s just at a different level. How you handle those matters becomes a window into your probable success.

Great, so you’d rehash all that stuff I’ve been trying to get past, bring it all up again and for what?

Sure, some of it may be old stuff and a bit uncomfortable, but it starts the process to see if your concerns fall within our area of expertise and for us to begin to formulate a solution for you so you can put the past in the past for good.

You can do all that in just 30 minutes?

In most cases, yes. After all, if we’re talking about business and making money, we can easily predict what lies ahead for you and what course of action would best take you in the direction you want to go. And, no, we don’t have mystical powers or crystal balls.

That does sound interesting. How do I schedule a session with you?

Just click on the link below and pick an available time. In most cases you’ll actually have your session with both Lynn and Rick, so you get two for the price of free.

We both expect that you’d really want to get to the bottom of this finally and take action on it now!

Some or ALL of these rewards could be yours when you schedule your Brainstorming Session:

  • Finding Your True Passion and Learning How to Make a Living With It.
  • Clearing a Path to an Inspired Future, both Personally and Financially.
  • Learning how to Value Failure as a Detour, not as a Dead End.
  • Identifying and Eliminating Blocks to Your Success.
  • Clearly Seeing New Paths to Accomplish Your Heart’s Desire.
  • Visualizing A Plan To Take Positive Action Steps To Move Forward.
  • Put the Training You’ve Gained to Good Use.
  • Claiming Rights to Your Power.
  • Creating New Habits and Structures to Fulfill on Your Dreams.
  • Gaining A Profound Sense of Self-Worth and Pride.
  • Becoming Excited About Life Again!