Resolving the Network Marketing Paradox

In my last post I made it very clear that many in network marketing who entertain the idea of leaving the business feel a deep inner conflict. In spite of the fact that their business has not produced the income they had hoped for and envisioned, many continue their network marketing endeavors with less commitment than is required for success. With this sort of internal conflict, it’s little wonder that 95% of network marketers don’t succeed.
Is there a logical solution to this predicament? What are so many well intending entrepreneurial spirited folks to do to satisfy their dreams? They must remove the conflict in one way or another, either succeed in MLM or move on.
It is my personal belief that we have been place here by our higher power (whatever you believe that to be) for a specific reason. It cannot be an accident that we are here, conscious of ourselves and endowed with the ability to affect change in the world. It just can’t. We provide value to others in a myriad of ways and each of us has an individual special talent to do that. Our job is to find out what that talent is, what the passion is and put it to work for ourselves and the benefit of others. Some call it destiny.
It may be that you can stick with your network marketing business but only on the condition of removing the conflict. That means playing full out, wanting it badly enough, believing unquestioningly in your ability to succeed to the pinnacle of the industry. Nothing held back, no back door, no doubts. Success! PERIOD! Conflict resolved.
Or, it may be that your commitment to network marketing is not that solid and you choose to leave the network  marketing business. You take with you the invaluable knowledge and training you’ve gained to be used in your next venture. You leave with no regrets or doubt, complete in your thinking and your soon to be past, and free to move onward. Conflict resolved.
I’d venture a guess that many stay with their network marketing business because they don’t think there is another way or they are not willing to look. It may be easier to stay in a losing situation than to venture forth into the unknown. We humans tend to remain with the familiar because any kind of change is too painful to face. It’s why people stay in a job they dislike, with people they loath, because to look for a new position is much too stressful and way outside their comfort zone.
Sound crazy? Just look around. Eighty percent of working Americans dislike what they do for a living. Logic dictates that the smart thing to do is find something that you’d love to do. Yet, it doesn’t happen.
But, nested within this situation is a clue, a big, hairy, revealing clue. You see, the subconscious mind will fight for the familiar and protect us from the unfamiliar. It will guard a pre-programmed mind, stand firmly with the comfortable and battle against change, innovation and the unknown, even at the expense of personal satisfaction, mental and spiritual clarity and individual success.
It will take some clear, ordered and uncluttered thinking to get to the bottom of the conflict and then, once there, putting new plans into action. Here’s one possible path to work out the conflict.
Firstly determine what it is that you want. If you must, go back and review your “why,” reestablish your “definite chief aim.” Determine what you want by knowing your passions. Get crystal clear on what you want. (This may take some doing on your part. Remember a confused mind maintains the status quo.)

Next, determine what is preventing you from getting what you want. Be brutally straight with yourself and describe the obstacle or obstacles to getting what you want in detail. Stand tall in front of a mirror, look yourself in the eye and honestly reveal that which stops you.

To reinforce this line of thinking, look at what will happen if you don’t fix this problem. There are consequences involving time, money, family, personal satisfaction and fulfillment and your mental state if you don’t handle this problem. Gaze openly into the future and see vividly the consequences.

Now, look at where you will be in 3 months, 6 months, a year if you don’t address this problem now. If your  consequences become real what does that mean to you? Picture yourself a year older still dealing with the conflict, stuck, still doing nothing. How does it make you feel? And, you guessed it…

With this, or any conflict for that matter, the longer you sit on the fence, the more you procrastinate avoiding the gorilla in the room, the longer you prolong your suffering. There isn’t a person on the planet that is afforded the luxury of unlimited time. Every day you put off being honest with yourself is one day less to move in the direction of your dreams.
Some may find this task to be too challenging to go through on their own. Don’t let that stop you. We normally don’t do life alone so why should this be any different? Do what you can but, get some help. Permit someone to be of service to you. Talk to a friend, spouse or colleague. Speak to your spiritual leader or hire a business coach, but seek  the assistance you need now to resolve the conflict and move on.
There can be no financial success or personal peace in your life as long as the Network Marketing Paradox remains.
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