Relationship Building and Marketing Hype


The Key to Successful Marketing

“They” say (you know “they,” them out there, the unspoken, unwritten tribal consensus) that relationship building is the key to successful marketing. Build a relationship with a solid foundation, be authentic and the world will beat a path to your door. (Oh, was that “build a better mouse trap and the world…” well, anyway, you get the point.)
Out of the Blue

A thought hit me the other day (in one of those unmentionable locations) that I really do provide excellent coaching services and a knock-your-socks-off Passion Test. I am proud of what I do and I make a difference for my clients.  I just don’t feel I’m so good at getting the word out successfully online.
Better at Networking

I admit I am pretty good with face to face (some call it belly to belly). When I go out to a networking event I always come away with a couple of good people to follow up with. The longer in duration the networking event, the better I do. And, I’m a pretty good following upper (even if it takes a couple of weeks), which of course is the whole point of collecting a business card in the first place. Right? (Why get them at all if you’re not going to call?)
Online Doesn’t Build a Relationship

But, marketing online, building relationships on the Internet, now that’s a zebra of a different color. All the hype on the Internet seems to say the opposite of building a relationship. Do any of these sound bites smack of true relationship building? (I got them off a Facebook Entrepreneur group.)

“Global launch, hurry, don’t wait!”  
“You don’t want to be left out?”
“Watch this amazing video!”
“Want to make some extra money?”
“This is your last chance, get in before we launch!”
“Become filthy stinking rich!” (Yes, I really saw this one.)
“Need an Honest, Ethical Business? Limited positions, Join our group.” (If you have to tell me that you’re honest and ethical, my antennae are up and you’ve got me wondering.)
Does this stuff really work? I don’t know. I don’t click on any of it. I run the other way. What do you do?
There’s Danger in Them Thar Hype

Years ago (don’t ask how many years, I’m not telling) there was a show on TV called “Lost in Space.” When young Will Robinson was about to get into trouble the robot would say, “Danger, Will Robinson, Danger!”
With the endless barrage of marketing hype and advertising exaggeration, as referenced above, it has got to make you feel like you’re operating “Lost in CyberSpace.” “Danger, Internet Surfer, Danger!”
Maybe I’m not such a bad Internet marketer after all. I certainly don’t want to think of myself as just one of the herd, a follower instead of an innovator. I like being authentic, transparent. If nothing else you’ll know with certainty what you’re getting.
Do you know people who use this kind of hypee marketing ploy? Think it might be the right time for them to reevaluate their relationship building strategies? What does your gut tell you?

Relationship Building and Marketing Hype
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