The Power of Passion

Bloggers Note: We have been occupied finishing up the final steps to our Passion Test Facilitator certification and can now get back on track blogging. Thanks for your patience.

We may never know the effect we have on another. A kind word, allowing someone ahead of you in traffic, a held door or a smile – any one of these may just make a difference in someone’s day, maybe in their life. You just never know. 
If we’re lucky enough or blessed enough and if the Universe so aligns, we learn that something we did has had a profound impact on another. It inspires, it touches us and it can even leave one in awe. It has for me. 
When we allow the flow of the Universe to come through us unhindered, things unfold as they are meant to. When we hold fast to the way we think things should be, our concepts of how they should be, we block the flow and stifle enjoyment and fulfillment of living our personal destiny. It can be a hard notion to grasp, especially for those who must think they are in
The funny thing is we don’t need to know the “how.” The “how” is not our business, it is the business of a higher power. And, this is just what is happening to Lynn and me, over and over and over again. It’s amazed us both, beyond any experience we’ve ever had. 
So, what am I talking about? As you know, we’ve become Certified Passion Test Facilitators and have been working with clients to give them The Passion Test. We even did a little bit of the work before we became certified. (It was OK since we didn’t call ourselves certified.) The remarkable results and feedback we’re now receiving is becoming a regular occurrence. Time after time we hear about the unexpected outcomes people are having as they get in touch with their passions. 
For instance, old and limiting conversations are disappearing. Career paths are coming into focus with velocity. Childhood dreams are off the back shelf and on track to becoming reality. Most of these episodes are happening in the most unexpected ways. The people who have gotten themselves out of the way, opened their thinking to accept the course the Universe has set for them are experiencing the kinds of results one can only dream of. 
For instance, Matt told me that a life-long issue with reading comprehension, a deep seated area of personal embarrassment, is literally dissolving before his eyes. Beverly allowed the Universe to guide her and she has produced a PowerPoint presentation and is beginning to give talks about gratitude, harmony and trust: a life-long desire manifesting
itself after taking The Passion Test. 
Matt and Beverly, like so many more, are focusing their Attention on their Intentions. Their passions are connecting them to their destiny. They are fulfilling their purpose here and finding that much sought after inner satisfaction and peace. What we put our Attention on grows in our lives. 
Lynn and I are now both living our destinies as we serve others to find theirs. It’s easy and so much fun. I just had to share. 
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