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If you had to define confidence what would you say it is? How would you describe it? Could you give someone as an example of a confident person? Could you show what confidence looks like?
Mostly animals display confidence. Have you ever noticed how a cat can judge just how much effort is needed to leap onto a surface several times its height? As I write this I am watching my big female cat do just that. There is no wavering, no wondering if she can make it or not, just a confident bound up to where she wanted to be. Skillfully and gracefully, I might add.
A key to success is to exhibit confidence in your ability to accomplish any task set before you. Confidence is an attractive quality, a powerful quality.
I recently had an experience of confidence that was so distinct, so profound, so crystal clear that I was certain enough and alter enough to capture the feeling. Once in my possession I knew full well that I would be able to call upon it for use at any time in future situations.
If there were a way to transfer this feeling to you so that you could use it at will, I’d give it to you without hesitation. Here, take this feeling, remember it and it will give you instant confidence. No, doesn’t work that way although some do try artificial means to bolster their confidence. Confidence is a deeply personal thing that must come from within you, from your own experience of it.
Confidence provides a clear mental image of who you must be, how you must act and what you must do to achieve what you set out to achieve. It is a deep abiding faith, a complete trust or belief that you will act in a right, proper, or effective way. It is the unwavering assurance in your abilities, capabilities, talents and skills to successfully carry out a certain undertaking. It is a very particular view of yourself.
Look into your own life for those instances when you just knew that what you were about to do was right, it was being done in the right way and it was going to produce the best possible outcome.
Look at the chart below. It shows the stark contrast between being confident and not.

From: http://www.mindtools.com/selfconf.html
Nothing can be substituted for good old experience. Nothing! Experience is the greatest of confidence builders. Experience and proper preparation in any situation leads to higher self-esteem and self-confidence.
So, how does one develop their confidence? Here are a couple of suggestions.
1. Look at what you have already accomplished? Don’t be bashful about expressing what it took to realize your achievements.
2. What are your strengths? We each have strengths from which we draw daily. It doesn’t have to be a grandiose talent. Most of us don’t have those anyway. Look toward your strengths in order to capitalize upon them. Use what you’ve got.
3. Describe what a confident person looks like, sounds like. How do they carry themselves? How do others perceive them? What is their demeanor? Their temperament and nature? List the characteristic of how you might show up when you are feeling confident.
4. Surround yourself with those who are confident. Let their confidence rub off onto you, remembering you can’t be them; you must develop your own style of confidence.
5. Practice, practice, practice. If someone asks “what you do” is your 30 second speech finely honed? Does it flow or do you stubble? Do you know your subject matter better than anyone? Preparation builds confidence.
6. Face your fears. We all have them. We’ve all had to face them and we all know what it feels like to be on the other side of facing a fear. It’s fabulous, a real confidence builder. Go looking for situations that make you uncomfortable, that make you stretch. Your comfort zone holds no fuel for your confidence. Break out of it and watch the miracles start to occur.
7. Now look at what’s important to you and what you want to accomplish? What degree of confidence will it take to make that happen? Can you imagine yourself as the one who made it happen?
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