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One of the great business coaches (in our opinion) of our times, David Neagle, says that it is easy to make money. 
All you have to do is ask for it. 
With that simple statement, up come the “yeah, buts’”, the counter thoughts, the disbelief, the fears and the doubts. But, David is the one who just had 12 people pay $80,000 each for a 3 day intensive with him, so who are we to argue.
So, we’re asking. 
Firstly, let us exclude a certain group of people from this ask. If your spirit for network marketing is whole and complete, you are satisfied with the money you are making in network marketing and if you are truly building a downline of business builders and leaders then this article is not directed at you. (Perhaps, you may know of people who should see it and they might be deeply grateful that you passed it along to them.)
However, if you are not certain with your network marketing endeavors, not satisfied with the money you are making and you have been unable to build a downline of business builders and leaders, then you are the people we wish to address. 
This “ask” addresses those who have been unable to find it within themselves to quit network marketing in spite of all the obvious signs that the business is not working. (See The Network Marketing Paradox and Resolving the Network Marketing Paradox)
We are not trying to dissuade anyone from making a run at a successful  network marketing business. If that’s what you want, then go for it and go for it full out. The people we’d like to talk to realize that they must move on from their network marketing activities in favor of something more truly satisfying
and lucrative, but their subconscious mind has prohibited them.  

Why would a subconscious mind prevent one from making the change? Because the subconscious mind will defind it’s  comfort and avoid change at all costs. Network marketing fulfills on so many of the unsatisfied needs left over from childhood. In network marketing you are wanted and needed, you feel loved and appreciated; you are part of something bigger than yourself. It provides a sense of camaraderie, a sense of belonging. It’s no wonder why people stay much longer than they should. Network marketing offers a sense of hope.
This is not a bash of network marketing. This is a plea to those who are fearful of making a leap of faith into the unknown. We offer transformational business coaching services to those who are open to make a change in their lives. Our coaching will help you redefine your passion and your why and find a new and personal way to create a business around your  passion. We support you through the transition and on to a rewarding entrepreneurial career.
We recommend 6 month and 3 month coaching packages, both of which include taking The Passion Test.
The first step is the toughest, we know. Schedule a Brainstorming Session with us  to find out your options. It’s just a conversation. Log into our booking calendar and select a time that works for you. (Schedule Here)
Like David Neagle says,
All you have to do is ask for it. 

OK, we’ve asked. What’s your answer?
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