The Not Soooo Serious Side of Making You a Better and Enlightened Human Being

You’ve had an “ah-ha” moment, we all have. It comes like an electrical shock, jolts your eyes open wide and your mouth slack jawed. Maybe it should be an “oh-ho”, rather than an “ah-ha”.
One moment there is peace and tranquility, a sense of comfort, the next moment new realms of possibility blossoming all around. It doesn’t take much; just seeing it all from a different perspective, a new context. Those moments are brilliant, empowering, emotional… and too far between.
If you’ve never experienced an ah-ha moment we sincerely hope that you do somewhere within this series. Ah-ha’s are glimpses into a new dimension that didn’t exist a second before and your life is never the same after that. Just like you can’t un-ring a bell, you can never undo an ah-ha insight.
It’s like those pictures you can see one of two ways. Once you’ve seen both ways you can never not see it as one view.
In all my years of personal introspection, development and training it has all seemed to be so very serious. Ultimately, self-improvement and transformation produces very happy results but only after you’ve been dragged through a large and steamy pile of horse manure. We’re not having as much fun with self development as I think we should. Now this may sound irreverent to some, but I think it’s time to take a look at:
The Not Soooo Serious Side of Making Me a Better and Enlightened Human Being – The Lighter Side of Self Development… or is it the Lighter Side of Personal Development?
Never could figure out that distinction. Let’s call it Personal Self Development. There, that should cover it because Self Personal Development sounds dumb.
So, why do we even bother with self improvement? Does it really make you a better person or is it a way to help you keep tabs on yourself, just a way to remind you that you’ve screwed up… again?
Hey, after all is said and done, we’re human beings, right? We make mistakes, we have neurosis and psychosis, bad breath, ticks and quirks. We get lazy, emotional, judgmental, and cranky. We love, we hate, we try, we fail. It’s all flippin’ normal. And, mostly we all have our story, either told or untold and we have no choice but to stick to it, or maybe better said, our story sticks to us. (More on that thought later.)
So, there isn’t anything here that says that this is the absolute truth, but in my studies of personal development, self improvement, enlightenment, the secret to life, I’ve come across a philosophy that states life is empty and meaningless. That means inherently we’re no different than a stone, except for our thoughts and the endless chatter we get from the stone on our shoulders.
There’s a clue in the chatter. Without the chatter there is silence, like the rock. And, silence is empty; there is no meaning in total silence. So, even though this philosophy says there is no true point to our lives – we’re born, we live and we die – we find it necessary to fill the living space with something meaningful, to give us purpose and reason for being alive. So, we add the meaning to life, we add the chatter.
The stone, in some ways, is actually better off than we are. As far as we know it doesn’t talk to itself. It exists not in its own mind, but in the mind of others. Would a stone really be there if we didn’t say it was? Would it really exist if we didn’t? OK, I’m a little off track here. My metaphysical side just kicked in, sorry.
Now, since we’re here and we can recognize ourselves in a mirror, we think we should do something useful and meaningful with our time on the planet, thus the growth and advancement of self-development.
Now, if you’ve gotten this far, I’ve either really pissed you off or I’ve got you wondering, or both.
If you were alone in life and there were no interaction with others, no language, you just were, then there would be no need for this rant or any self development for that matter. Actually, you’d be “talking” to yourself… without language.
But, we’re not alone, at least the last time I drove on the expressway I wasn’t. There are other human beings, a lot of them, with whom we must interact, like molecules in space or billiard balls on a table bumping randomly into each other, we must interact. And, just as certainly as we interact with others we interact with ourselves. We’re influenced by it all.
Now, I’ve selected a list of topics that will, over time, show up in this series. If you see a blatant omission do not hesitate to leave a comment stating what was missing within a topic or what topic had been totally left out.
One final thought before we begin. You are probably asking yourself what makes me qualified to make light of self improvement? Well, it’s simple. As I said, I’ve been studying this stuff for a lot of years and figure I’ve forgotten more than I can remember. I don’t understand how it works or even if it does work.
I know for certain that personal development is as fleeting as is cleanliness; and that accepting the fact that we are all imperfect human beings allows us each to let the shortcomings surface and then to lovingly forgive.
I have no more qualifications than do you. It’s just that I am the one who is writing this series. If you need some credentials to continue reading, to justify going on, to making fun of a serious matter, then remember… you just made it mean something.
Consider it’s all made up anyway. We had to give ourselves structure, meaning, even purpose. So, we accept certain principles as just the way that it is. If you ever wondered what The Truth really is, just remember there are today more than 7 billion ways to perceive The Truth, more than 7 billion of us asking the same questions.
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