And now, a message from life

Life can turn on a dime, accelerate to warp speed, and leaving you wondering what happened. Here’s what I mean.
My wife and I have been talking about moving out of South Florida for probably 5 years. We managed to get it down to “in two years”.  Funny thing about that is our move was always a comfortable 2 years away. Didn’t matter what the day was, it was always 2 years away. 
There were a couple of plausible “reasons” why an immediate move was being avoided. Moving now and leaving my 86 year old mother to fend for herself, well, in my mind just wasn’t the right thing to do, even if she said “don’t worry about me, go, live your life.”(Ya gotta love Jewish guilt/martyrdom.) My sister and I had been working on convincing mom to move with us but with no luck. She has her friends and her doctors neatly arranged. Besides, she’s been in South Florida since the mid ‘50’s.   
Second “reason”, with the real estate market in Miami in the tank and our home being “under water” and “up-side-down”, we felt stuck with the house. Selling is out of the question. 
Nonetheless, in spring we put a stake in the calendar and declared the summer of ’13 (sounds like the title of a movie) to be moving time. With a firm date as to when, last summer we went room by room discarding the unused and unwanteds. We were beginning to make progress. 
Over the summer my dear sister decides to move to Asheville, North Carolina, to be with her new grandson. Her son and daughter-in-law are thrilled. Although I understand, I’m left feeling a bit jealous. Hey, it’s a good excuse to take a week’s vacation to visit just before  Christmas. In the mean time, there is no way in this lifetime that mother is going to move to Asheville, it’s too damned cold up there. But, she agrees to take the trip with us. 
Long story short, we drove home after a week in Asheville leaving mom with my sister. She decides to put a deposit down at an assisted living facility there and plans to move before summer. Having almost dropped my teeth, one of my restraints has just disappeared. The  real estate issue we can figure out. We can always rent the house. 
So, now we plan to move into the Carolina’s by the end of THIS summer, the summer of ’12. 
Morale of the story? Life happens faster than a speeding  bullet. Don’t blink, don’t second guess, make your move or watch life pass you by. If you believe in the status quo, change your belief.
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Rick Lelchuk

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