Because Life is More Than Just a Job!

There used to be a forum around called the Job Seekers forum. When it was around, I occasionally posted there giving advice about breaking free from the job mentality, a corporate position. The tag line for this forum said it all: “…because life is more than just a job!” It really stuck with me.

From my observation it became obvious that so many relied on the uncertain winds of fortune to guide them in a career. A very few were blessed to be following a selected and planned career path of choice, a path driven by their passion and their heart. It got me to wondering about the fate of the rudderless masses.
Now, it is totally understandable that everyone has got to pay their way, but making money just to pay the bills comes at a cost. Mere survival to “make ends meet” causes life to be empty and meaningless; it robs one’s soul of its inspiration and spirit. With the missing capacity to create and contribute freely life becomes nothing more than an interruption on the way to the next eternity. Is that all that there is?
NO! We know with certainty that is not all that there is. “Because life is more than just a job,” for those willing to look, finding the right path is essential to living with satisfaction and fulfillment. There is no more sacred task than finding the way to live your life fully guided by your passion and making a living with it.
Chris and Janet Attwood – co authors of The Passion Test
Both Lynn and I have challenged ourselves to help others find their passion. We have registered with Chris and Janet Attwood and will be taking The Passion Test Facilitator Course the last weekend of January 2012. We know the key to living a life beyond the confines of a job is in finding your passion and learning how to monetize it.
Just think about it for a moment. If you were living your true passion every day you’d never have to go to work. You wouldn’t have to find a “job”, deal with a boss, or fear a pink slip. You’d get up and go to play… every day! Every day would be a play day! Awesome!
The course ends Sunday, January 29th. Not knowing how the course will shape up I may not be posting again until after the course completion. Fair warning and my promise is that the next post here is guaranteed to blow you mind. Because, life is about your passion and you know it. Bookmark on Delicious Digg this post Recommend on Facebook Share on Linkedin share via Reddit Share with Stumblers Tweet about it Subscribe to the comments on this post Tell a friend Tags: breaking free, career path, corporate position, heart, job mentality, jobs, life, passion, winds of fortune

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