It’s All a Process

Moving is a process. Actually, life is a process and moving can be a chore. I tend to forget the “process” piece as I get caught up in the day-to-day minutia. It seems that as I get deep into a project it’s easy to forget the birds-eye view, the whole picture, the bigger picture. I think we all do.
Let me give you an example. It’s been challenging to integrate my business activities with my moving activities. I’ve been very distracted by the move. I forgot that moving not only has physical demands, but it has mental and emotional demands as well. Having lived in South Florida for almost 3 score years (yes, these bones have some miles on them) I’ve attempted to step over and ignore this piece – silly me!
Our home of 13 years is in the turmoil of being torn apart and packed up. It is a mess. It is a process. Our looking for a home in Greenville, with its ups and downs, delays and uncertainties was a process. (See the picture below where we’ll be living.)  Making new friends, establishing our new network will take time and diligence and persistence. It is a process. And, all of this falls within the process of making the move.

As with all processes there is a beginning, a middle, a little more middle, some additional middle, a dash of middle and a completion. In life the two outer markers are easily defined – birth and death – the beginning and the end. The middle in life is spattered with all sorts of projects and processes within the big middle, and each of those having a beginning, middle and end. The internal processes are bracketed within the whole. And to make it interesting, it is a roller coaster ride within a bounce house set atop a merry-go-round.
Every process is there for a reason. Every middle has its purpose and provides a lesson.
Now I figure that Mother Nature and the Universe are definitely in cahoots when it comes to playing out the middle part of a process. You’ve got to go through the process to come out the other side in order to share the grin. Knowing it is a process is half the battle.  
Just remember, when you recognize you are in the middle of a some process or another, like right now, Mother Nature and the Universe are out having a beer somewhere laughing at what they are putting you through knowing all the time that if you “get” the lesson it’s going to work out just fine. 
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Rick Lelchuk

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