Retreat Forward

Eagerly we drove to Hollywood Beach to meet with a bevy of international intuitive and transformational ladies, all on a similar path as we. They came from across the US, Canada, the UK and even Australia; two and a half days, a meeting room with a view, the beach, 13 women and me. What would arise from this intensive would set our course.
The Platinum Mastermind at Work!Each of us had the opportunity to spend 45 minutes in the front of the room to mastermind with the group. We could bring up any aspect of our planned business to discuss and brainstorm. It was ingenious to say the least. People naturally want to give, to share, to support and assist. So, getting this group to contribute was easy. It was harder to get them to stop talking and suggesting so we could move on to the next person than it was to get them going.
Lynn and I pulled number 10 and got a sense of how the process went by observing, and participating in, the 9 who went before us. The work accomplished was masterful. Everyone came away with branding ideas, marketing suggestions and what-to-do-next assignments. Toward the end of the second day we distributed our handouts and made our way to the front of the room.
For the first couple of minutes we described where we’d come from and where we’d like to go. We described the ideal client we wanted to work with and why. It was with identifying specifically our niche, our small market segment, that we needed direction.
The banter came fast and furious.
How about entrepreneurs, those professionally self employed who knew there is something missing in their quest to get to the next level?
How about network marketers who’ve realized that it was time to move on but needed some support and encouragement?
How about employees who knew that their job was never going to afford them the freedom of self expression and the financial independence they so desperately desired?
The wheels were really turning now. How about those three? Hmmm? How about starting with just one and then branching out? That’s the better idea.
Each of the niches afforded the opportunity to share the wonder of personal growth and self development, face the challenge of moving someone out of “stuck” and into action and to inspire all with examining what’s possible within their financial realm. All of our years of training and development would be put to its highest and best use. This entire process and the passion potential excited us both.
We chose to name our new business Inspiring Transitions and to start with the network marketers. We’d be seeking those network marketers who had an inkling that MLM wasn’t going to work for them; the 97%’ers who were ineffective in MLM. We agreed not to try to dissuade anyone from being a network marketer and even agreed to assist those who wanted to be a success in network marketing.
It was crystal clear now. What we offer is the support, the guidance and the coaching to help the frustrated entrepreneur identify their true passion and then lead them to a satisfying means to financial independence and stability.
We’d like to express our many thanks to the Platinum Mastermind group and to Rev. Anne for their insights and contribution.
In the coming weeks a new blog will emerge and we hope that you will join us there as we champion the professionally self employed, the frustrated network marketer and the stuck entrepreneur to get inspired and in business. We’ll be offering no cost 30 minute Brainstorming Sessions in the near future, something you will want to consider.

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