And, the Outlandish Suggestion Was…

So head over heels excited were we about finally taking on a business coach we dug in to do the work. The coaching included sharing on a “Ning” site forum with others in her coaching clutch program (all women and Rick), an in depth one-on-one VIP intensive day with Anne, reading Michael Port’s book entitled “Book Yourself Solid” and religiously doing the exercises in that book, to start.

Being an intuitive coach Anne is always on the lookout for the unusual, the out of the ordinary and we were not immune to her scrutiny. It came time for our bi-monthly call, it was August 2nd and right at the start of the call we sensed something was up… and then it came… the Outlandish Suggestion. She saw us as business coaches, not weight loss coaches. Now mind you, as a good coach she was prepared to coach us in any area we choose and the decision was ultimately ours to make.

Have you ever had your molecules rearranged in less than an hour? It’s kind of like having your body transported from the Enterprise to the planet surface, but you rematerialize slightly altered in the brain. Could we give up one dream and replace it with another? Was there going to be severe trauma, major upset, the gnashing of teeth, pulling of hair and skinning of knees? Could we forgive ourselves because we changed horses? Well, in a word – NO! Perhaps we had been ready for this kind of a shift and it took one on the side lines to see what was needed, to make The Suggestion and give a little loving shove.

There was relief, fear, uncertainty all rolled up with excitement, mystery and inquiry. How quickly could we create a business and get it launched. What kind of business coaching would we want to do and be good at? Who was our target market going to be? What about creating a new brand? There were so many variables to work on it almost became overwhelming. So, back we went to “Book Yourself Solid”, more exercises and extra EFT tapping.

We knew we wanted to work with people with the entrepreneurial gene; people stuck and, like us, in need of a push. Do we work with employees who knew their jobs are a dead end? Do we work with professional entrepreneurs who have just not been as successful as they had intended and needed support, guidance and more support? Not quite sure.

An idea was percolating in the back of Rick’s mind, but it just hadn’t quite gelled yet. One more piece to the puzzle – the program retreat – two and a half action packed days face to face with the others in the program, Anne and an intense process. So, off we went to Hollywood Beach, Florida to get the molecules tweaked once again.