Life’s Funny Twists

There comes a moment when someone you trust makes an outlandish suggestion and you stop dead in your tracks. They see something that you’ve missed, a strength, a naturally nurtured calling, a truth, call it a gift and now they have shared that in sight with you and you’re scratching your head in wonder.

Maybe that’s not ever happened to you, but just 6 weeks ago it happened to us. Let us back track a bit.

Lynn met a very interesting lady at an event and was drawn to her immediately. Through this new acquaintance, Rev. Anne Presuel, we were invited to be in the studio audience of a live Internet broadcast and, unbeknownst to us, this is where it all begins. The rollercoaster was climbing that first hill.

The live broadcast was informative, entertaining and came with an offer at the end that we just could not refuse. So, as the session was ending we bounded to the table in the back of the room to enroll in “Pamela Bruner’s Transform, Tapping into Wealth and Business Mastery” to be held in our South Florida backyard just weeks away. The rollercoaster was cresting the top.

Guest Panel at TransformThe three day event at a hotel in Fort Lauderdale brought us together with 180 intuitive and transformational coaches. Keep in mind that we are fully engrossed in our weight loss and network marketing business and thought that Transform was just what we need for that.

We were not disappointed. The event was unlike any others we’ve attended. There were new and different ideas, things we’d not though of or heard about before. There was though provoking sharing from the audience that made a difference for everyone. We left there with an action plan and a new tool in EFT, Emotional Freedom Technique.

Now we’ve always known that the most successful people around have coaches. Athletes have coaches, actors have coaches and so do great singers. Business people have coaches and people just looking to improve their lives have coaches. The idea of having a business coach was not foreign to us, just something we were never moved to do… until attending Transform.

Anne and PamelaBack to Anne, the lady that Lynn had befriended and had introduced us on this path. She was at Pamela’s event. Anne is an intuitive spiritual business coach and she became our new business coach. The rollercoaster went over the top, it was a leap of faith if ever there were one, and we held on tight.

This entire process had us thinking we’d found the path to our success in sharing healthy eating, network marketing and weight loss until… that outlandish suggestion was made.