The Inspiration

Lynn and Rick came right out of school and went straight to work. We both took jobs because that’s what we were taught to do – get a job and work hard and you’ll be fine. But, somewhere between “get a job” and “you’ll be fine” something happened. Actually, nothing happened. We weren’t getting to “fine” quickly enough. Someone else controlled our purse strings, told us were to be, when to be there and what to do when we got there.

It didn’t take long for the restlessness to kick in for us to begin to question if we were ever going to reach “fine.” We worried about losing our precious jobs and our income. It’s little wonder that we’re a bit jaded. We couldn’t just quit. On the one hand we had obligations and on the other hand we needed something that was way more fulfilling, satisfying, rewarding.

Our entrepreneurial spirit fired up and we started asking around and searching on the Internet. Being in business for ourselves had always been a dream. And, network marketing catches our attention.

Fast cars, big houses, luxury boats, long first-class cruises, all the promises of the rich and famous lured us in, we’re hooked. We sign up with the hopes of a 3rd grader on Christmas eve and the enthusiasm of a head cheerleader. We took our personal development seriously, we attended the webinars, listened in on all the calls, went to the local meetings all to get the best training, bolster our motivation and scarf down the hottest sales techniques.

It makes sense for an entrepreneur, network marketing has the appearance of independence, income potential, it’s obviously easy to do and it’s such a different and appealing structure than the corporate world. It’s flippin’ ideal! With so many people looking to make extra money network marketing should be a breeze. Hallelujah, at last we’re going to be “fine”!

Fast forward, 3 years, 5, 12 years…

An alarm was sounding persistently in the background and it was conveniently ignored. It was a hard wake-up call. We loved the network marketing business model. We loved the uplifting of the human spirit and the empowerment, the camaraderie, the connectedness of being part of something bigger, yet maintaining our individuality.

The twin predicament stared us right in the face. We weren’t making the money we thought we would. Heck, we weren’t even making enough money to cover our monthly product outlay. We were told we were a business owner, yet we didn’t really own our business. The company owned the business. We were little more than commissioned sales persons for them, nothing more, and nothing less. It saddened and frustrated us to our core. And we still hadn’t reached “fine” yet.

Fortunately, our entrepreneurial spirit remained completely intact. We still want to be in business of our own and that driving force within us would not and will not rest. So, we took all of our good training, the skills we had from our experience and jobs and changed our modality. We could easily show the way to those eager to transition into owning their own business. And, that’s what we did. That’s what we do!

This is where we can be of service to you. We can help you focus in on your dreams and your passion, get you unstuck and in action, and help chart you a course to personal satisfaction and financial fulfillment.

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Welcome to our world, the World of Inspiring Transitions.