The Human Side of Being

The study of being is a vast subject. It opens the entire spectrum, the length and breadth and depth of personal improvement, individual introspection, self-evaluation and self-examination. Understanding being is likened to finding the core of one’s existence; it seeks a place where you have to pay attention, sit up, take notice and plant your flag stating this is who I am.
Our choices are numerous…
You could be happy or sad.
You could be passive or aggressive.
You could be calm or upset.
You could be loving or hateful.
You could be certain or confused.
You could be giving or stingy.
You can be anything you choose to be at any given moment.
For example, let’s look into the life of Dottie, a working mom over two days. Day one was rough at work. Her boss was being a jerk. The day started out with misplace her keys and a late arrival at work. Her husband called in the middle of the day to ask about a mysterious charge on their credit card and she has a meeting tonight she doesn’t want to go to.
Upon arriving home to prepare dinner she steps into a house in disarray and the sounds of her children fighting. “Look at the mess you’ve made of this place. It’s going to take hours to clean it up. What’s the matter with you? Don’t you have any consideration for me? It’s been a miserable day at work and you’ve just made it worse. Now, get busy and clean up this mess before I really loose it!”
The following day at work is about the same, the boss continues being a jerk, traffic was horrible, her husband had another issue to deal with and there is yet another meeting tonight.
She walks into the same situation at home but this time here’s what she had to say in a much more loving tone, “OK, I see you’ve been at it again. The house is a mess and we need to get busy to get it straightened up before dad gets home. How about we all pitch in and get it done quickly. It won’t take long. Then we can have a nice dinner before I go out.”
What made the difference in her reaction to a similar situation?
The difference was in who she was being.
Who we are being starts inside each of us and winds up as an outward expression – what we do and say, how we react, what we cause to happen and even why we cause it. Regardless of what influences your being, your manner, your behavior or your character, one thing is undeniable; who you are being IS a matter of choice!
We can choose how we feel and whether to let a feeling take us over or not. We have the ability to alter our being at will and we affect those around us. As in the case of Dottie, one stressed out mom, we could see that who she was being had an impact on those around her. Her children and probably her husband, are each affected by her being.
We all radiate our being. Others can sense our attitude, be it happy or sad, angry or calm. To be a person that gives off an attractive sense of warmth, one must be in charge of their being. Ultimately, each of us gets to say what kind of a person we are going to be. After all, since we humans are conscious that we exist and have a sense of ourselves we can therefore exercise our will over who we be.
It remains a matter of our choice to be one way or another. We have total control. In other words, WE get to say what life will look like, who we will affect and influence and how things are going to go.
Ask yourself these questions –
When all is said and done, how do you want to be perceived by others?
Who do you want to be?
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