What is a Great Coach? Part 2


What is a Great Coach? Actually, the question is better asked, What is a coach? And, then, What makes up a great coach? Here’s a list of qualities you might consider important when identifying your ideal coach.  
A Great Coach is compassionate and ruthless, a lovable son of a bitch
No one can stand at ease for you and at the same time believe in your possibility. To get the job done you must embrace the brutal encouragement and criticism, the merciless prodding and nurturing as the way of a great coach. Nothing great has ever been achieved without the balance of love and loathing.
A Great Coach is one who raises the bar just when you think you can reach it
Easy will not make a difference in the world today. Anyone can do easy to achieve commonplace results. Your coach is not going to let you forget that the rules of the game are forever changing; never set in stone and that the goal posts can be moved at any time. Your resilience to this fact of life is what your coach teaches.

A Great Coach is someone who has you see what you can’t see
Most often the pieces are all there, just like a jigsaw puzzle all turned and out of order. The picture is unclear and only one with a view from the outside in can make sense to guide you to your own logical mastery. A wonderful coach will help you to bring focus to the picture, meaning to the message.

A Great Coach is someone who has you be great
Coaches begin knowing there is  greatness within each of us. He or she will seek out the gold and build upon the existing confidence, belief and faith. Each interaction is carefully designed to educate, embolden and enlighten, to give you purpose, power and passion. Your champion bolsters your magnificence.

A Great Coach is someone who loves you even when you are majorly unlovable
We all have those days when the dark side takes over. We are blessed that they don’t last. A great coach is wise enough to know when you are overtaken, when you are being a royal pain. Be grateful that nothing changes on those days for your coach as they still hold you with respect, admiration and love.

A Great Coach is someone who lets you be you
Our greatness resides within. No one can do you better than you. You can’t do anyone else better than they can. Your inner spirit and essence are the pieces to be nurtured and developed. The ability to separate “you” from “not you” is the sign of a great coach.
A Great Coach is someone you can always count on, no matter what.
We promise to be great coaches.
Do you work with a great coach? Want to add something to this list? Leave a comment and I’ll be sure to respond to you.
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What is a Great Coach 2

What is a Great Coach – 2
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