Getting to the Next Level

Punch into Google “get to the next level” and see what you get.Wait
, I’ll save you the trouble. 

You get an astounding 780 MILLION hits! So, one might be inclined to assume that “getting to the next level” a very popular subject. You’ve heard it time and time again, “you’ve got to move it to the next level”; “you’ve got to get to the next level”. What does that really mean? Why so much ambiguity?  
Getting to the next level implies an improvement of some sort, a raising the bar from one stratum to the next. There is a personal demand on the level jumper to have to do something to get there. It doesn’t matter if you’re talking about being a good mother, skateboarding, business negotiating, blog writing, public speaking or social media networking. It applies to just about everything.
Moving to the next level requires that you break free and release from the comfort of the level you are at in order to progress to the next level. Now, without exception, letting go of what you know, that in which you are supremely confident and secure can be a very scary thing to do. It challenges your faith and confidence to step into the unknown.
In order to be more so you can attract more and therefore make more you must step boldly into the gap. It is the gap between where you are today, right here right now, to where you want to be. There is nothing mysterious about this magical process, about getting to the next level. You know when you’re getting close to it because you can feel it in your gut, the fright, the uncertainty and your ego scurrying for a place to hide.
Remember, it doesn’t get any better than it is today because you are at your own life’s summit; in this moment you are the best you are ever going to be. Unless you make the decision to get to the next level all you can ever expect is more of the same.  Is that acceptable to you?
Here is the $64,000 question; it’s a really hard question. Are you ready? OK…“What does my life look like if I don’t take it to the next level?”

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