Flexibility – Moving with the Flow

We’re here. The cats, the furniture, our belongings, we, and our entire lives have all been transported from Miami to Greenville safely! Whew! Whoo Hoo!
Bidding adieu to our home of 13 years and the city of our childhood could have been a very traumatic happening. But, because it was our choice to move it became a positive and transformational experience.
The best advice one contemplating a move could be given is to be flexible. Here’s why… it ain’t gonna happen like you plan or expect. Gee, maybe that’s pretty good advice for all of life.
It’s a simple lesson. Being fixed in ones beliefs and way of thinking limits one’s ability to adapt, expand and to grow. Flexibility in all things makes life easier; it takes the upset out of the way and provides for new and unexpected horizons to be explored.
Had we fixed our thinking on an exact way the move was “supposed” to have happened we’d be living in a padded room in straightjackets talking to ourselves by now. Being able to roll with the tides of change, the punches and the unexpected enabled us to take an already stressful situation and turn it into the way it was supposed to be. As it turned out (and it always does) here was a reason for every delay, ever change in plans, every dinged and damaged item.
It can’t be suggested too strongly that you take this kind of attitude and way of being in everything that you do. It really makes living so much more agreeable.
Here’s a pictorial transformation from Miami to Greenville.
Getting packed up in Miami.
And then it was empty. Almost 13 years to the day.

Seven hundred and 50 miles later…
Just some of our 130 boxes. OY!

We’re still unpacking and our new home is livable.
Thanks for being patient with us. It’s like we’ve dragged you through our moving experience and now it’s complete.
I know I promised a series on the “Lighter Side of Personal-Development and Self Improvement.” Now I can focus on it. Stay tuned for the first installment.
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