Finding a Place to Live

Throughout the process leading up to our move out of South Florida Lynn and I have had to use every personal development and transformational  tool at our disposal. We have had our ups and downs, and our moments of passing doubt and giddy elation. Hey, we’re human, ya know? We’ve uber focused our intention and magnetically charged our attention. Every plan has to have a definite destination.
Now with the short sale (that’s where you ask the nice bank to take less than you owe on your house so you can sell it to a buyer who is going to pay less than it’s worth since the market value has tanked because their fellow bankers sucked all the life out of the real estate market and the economy)…
Let me start over… Now with the short sale in process I decided we’re going to move at the end of August regardless of whether we’ve closed or not. All the buyer and the bank needs is our signatures, which we’ll happily give them in advance, and they can haggle out all the details they want without us. We’re making no money on the sale of our American Dream. So, moving day is set – August 30th.
As of this moment though, we are missing one minor piece to the puzzle, a corner piece at that… a place to live. HA! No, really, right now we don’t know where to tell the movers to deliver our stuff. (We’re renting for a while to get the lay of the land.) We’ve arranged for a house sitter to watch the cats and we’re going to Greenville, SC for four days to find a place to live. No pressure.
Actually, there is no pressure and here’s why. Have you ever just known that something was going to happen? You were going to win something or get an A on a paper or marry someone you just met. Your certainty level was off the charts. You were definite. Well, that’s how we feel about finding the place we’ve envisioned for so long. I won’t bore you with the details of the place, but rest assured that there are extensive details written out, in place in our minds and we’re broadcasting to the Universe 24/7.
In the next blog installment we’ll show you what we mean.  
Liberty Bridge, River Park, Downtown Greenville
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