Finding a Place to Live – Part 2

We flew in from Greenville Saturday night after 4 days of looking, looking, looking for a place to rent. It was our intention and focus to find a place and we found TWO! Now, that, in an of itself, smells of success and… it is. Yet, as you well enough know, success can be both sweet and bitter… as neither deal is final yet.
We’re waiting to hear back on our preferred choice. It involves a daisy chain of two Realtors to get through to the owners and you know how swiftly those wheels grind. (Zzzzzz) So, at the time of this writing we’re on hold. (Fade-in Jeopardy theme music.)
Each of the places has pros and cons but they are almost identical when we score a Ben Franklin yea or nay test. (That’s where you put the pluses and minuses for each on one side of a paper and add up the scores.)
The trip was an exercise in patience and faith that the Universe will respond with the best possible answer for us. The movers come August 30th and it would certainly be great to have a place to tell them to deliver our stuff. “Just head for Greenville and we’ll let you know,” ain’t gonna cut it.
The temptation was to just take the second place and be secure in knowing that we have a home. What a hard lesson to learn, not to give in, not to settle. And, of course, either house could be rented out from under us at any time. I know we said we wouldn’t be stressed, but I think we have been… slightly.
A word of advice… When asking the Universe for something it is best to be spot on specific about what you intend. I think we forgot to say we wanted to find a place AND have a signed rental agreement in hand in the 4 days we were there. Oops!
One the very bright side and once again the people we met in the Upstate were nothing short of amazing – friendly, warm, and ever so generous. We know we’re headed in the right direction and the Universe has been kind to us thus far. No reason to think that It won’t continue to shower blessings upon us.
It is our intention to know by Wednesday of this week which house will be our new best home… signed, sealed and delivered! Bookmark on Delicious Digg this post Recommend on Facebook Share on Linkedin share via Reddit Share with Stumblers Tweet about it Subscribe to the comments on this post Tell a friend Tags: Greenville, move, moving, personal development, south carolina, transformation

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