Fate in a Fortune Cookie

How many times have you wished, after the fact, that you had said or done something different, something bolder? Could you have taken a stand for something but didn’t? Where have you slinked away from a situation later to find thoughts of regret coming to you for what you didn’t do or say?
Here?–more–> s why I ask.
Saturday evening Lynn and I had Chinese with my Mom. Not a very unusual activity, but this one became profound. Why? Every Chinese meal comes with a Fortune Cookie. Mostly the fortunes are quite benign, worth a grin as you finish your pistachio ice cream. But, this time was different for me.
Now, before I share the fortune with you, consider there are several ways to view it. You can blow it off as a silly Chinese custom and a worthless comment; you could consider it the wisdom of the ancient Chinese speaking directly to you, or you could take it as a divine intervention, a sign from the Universe to take some action.
Here’s the Fortune:
    “Do not be too timid and squeamish about your actions. All life is an experiment.”
Where does that take you? Read it again. Does it resonate with you? Is there a message there to be acted upon? It did for me because I permitted it to.
If life is an experiment, then you are its scientist, its investigator, its researcher. Without trying on new and different modalities, postures and stances you can only live what has come before, more of the same. Being timid and reserved will restrain you, keep you playing small. People don’t seek to follow the fearful, the faint-hearted.
Doesn’t it make sense to be bold in your experimentation? What is there to lose? So much to gain. Leave nothing undisturbed. Become controversial and renowned. But, above all, do this with love in your heart. Stir the pot, rock the boat, shake the trees, but do it responsibly with compassion, empathy and care. People will flock to you as one who provokes genuine thought. Seen as one unwilling to leave conditions unchallenged, you can experiment yourself into distinction and success.
I know which way I’m headed, how about you? How are you going to be mixing it up or not?
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