Extraordinary Living Through Discipline

Of all the topics to be included within the lighter side of self-development, discipline and self-discipline didn’t seem to boil right up to the top. So, maybe that’s why writing this piece has taken me longer than expected. I just wasn’t, nor did I want to be, disciplined enough to write it. Not until I willed myself to write did it get done. You gotta love the irony.
So, let’s see if we can have some fun with discipline. First of all, let us clarify; discipline and self-discipline are the same. Simply put, all discipline is self imposed… no one else is going to make you do something, nor do it for you. Even if you are forced into doing something you still must discipline yourself to do it or face the consequences.
Discipline carries a touch of a negative ambiance with it. Why is that? Discipline implies a certain degree of restraint, obedience, authority over ones free spirit. Do any of us really want to impose on ourselves control and order, a required and certain way of doing things? Not really. It certainly appears to curtail one’s sense of liberty. Reigning in your life-force so that you can be disciplined to perform in a certain way, at the surface, is doesn’t have much appeal.
Just take a look at our everyday lives though. We, all of us, have been endowed with free will. It is the ability to do as we please, come and go when we like, occupy our time as we see fit… of course, all within the constraints placed upon us by morality and the long arm of the law.  We actually demonstrate discipline everyday by restraining ourselves from stealing and murdering.  So, with discipline comes a control and order for the good.
Self control and discipline can be viewed as the assertion of will over base desires. Discipline is a learned trait. We are not born with it. If we were, babies would wait to be fed, toddlers would listen the first time they are told and teens would realize their parents have some wisdom to impart. We must be trained in discipline.
As when training yourself in anything you must first accept where you are, start from there and move forward. Don’t compare yourself to anyone else. They are where they are and you are where you are. Circumstances never match. You could begin by tackling challenges that are near your discomfort limit, but that you can successfully accomplish. The more disciplined you become, the easier life gets and the greater challenges you can take on.
With discipline you can overcome any addiction, wipe out procrastination, set and meet your goals. It takes persistence, hard work and working hard.
Hmmm, maybe I was right to begin with. Discipline is not the lightest of subjects. But, I think with discipline your life can be extraordinary.
Take up a personal challenge today to discipline yourself. Set an uncomfortable goal and see it through to a triumphant conclusion. Anything will do for a start – cut down on your meal portion, make 2 extra cold calls, stay at the gym for an extra 10 minutes, heck, start going to the gym, go to your place of worship regularly for a month, take a day and don’t be judgmental, write the first chapter to the book you’ve wanted to, finish your website, clean the house… whatever you choose discipline will get you to the other side of the task and it will feel fantastic… just like I feel now having finished this post.

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