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Where do you look to to define yourself?

When you don’t know the meaning of a word you use the dictionary to find out what it means. Used to be when you didn’t know about a subject you could look it up in the encyclopedia. Libraries are still chocked full of reference material containing a wealth of knowledge for any task or undertaking you may be considering. And, of course, today the Internet is a resource unmatched in history.
Yet, nowhere in any of those vast treasures will you find one word about who you really are. Nowhere is the meaning for your life described, a written definition of you, nor a portrait of your passion displayed. You might use those resources to help you find who you are, but until you take the steps to dig deep and uncover the truth, reveal the hidden layers of self, expose your inner being, your passion and calling is destined to live shrouded.
Part of the work to do is to determine your likes and dislikes, what you value, what you loathe. You must work to look inside to comprehend the person you are today. The other part is to proclaim the person you intend to be, the life from this moment forward you expect to live, the contribution you expect to make.
You see, it takes diligence and work to determine who you are, to define yourself. And, once determined, it takes more work, and guts, to stand on your soapbox and declare it for all to know.
Once you know who you are you can take steps to create work that is aligned with who you are and your level of satisfaction, your degree of effectiveness will skyrocket.
You can take this quick personality test to get you started. It will help you to define the person you are today. http://www.humanmetrics.com/cgi-win/JTypes1.htm

Learning who you can be is a matter of what you’re passionate about. In the beginning of 2012 we will be certified in a program that will help you establish your passion, and we’ll be offering it here as a means to get you on track.  


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