We’re Certified! And, That’s a Big Deal!

Both Lynn and I have been Certified as Passion Test Facilitators. Whoo Hoo!
We sat in a hotel meeting room with 26 other participants from 7 countries for four days. Isn’t that amazing? People came to Fort Lauderdale from all over the world for this course. We got to meet Janet Bray Attwood, co- author of The Passion Test. She signed our book. How cool is that!
The weekend was more, much more than just getting the information on how to facilitate The Passion Test. It turned into a fun filled, action packed transformational experience of love and family. The people at The Passion Test, and now we too, are all about –

Inspiring Transformation Through Love!

It’s probably no surprise to learn that 80% of working Americans are unsatisfied, unfulfilled or dispassionate about their work. That means that the next 4 out of 5 people you see today go through the motions just to earn a paycheck to survive. It’s like being in an endless loop on a treadmill going nowhere.   
Life satisfaction and fulfillment just won’t happen if you are not living your life aligned with what God, The Universe, the big Kahuna, Unified Field (whatever you believe in) put you on the planet to accomplish. A life without knowing and
living your passions becomes ordinary and hum drum. Yes, we believe it’s serious and we’re committed to guide as many as we can to finding their true passion. 
Going through The Passion Test is a simple yet extremely powerful process. You get clear on your top 5 passions, an indication of how much they are or are not in your life and indicators that will let you know how on track you are to living your passions. There are exercises to help you put your attention on your passions because what you put your attention on grows in your life. 
Doesn’t that just bring a smile to your face? It does to us every time we think about living a life with passion. 
Over the coming blog entries we will share with you the benefits behind what we do.
 Interested to learn more about taking The Passion Test? Follow this link.

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