Caution: Spreading An Attitude – It Can Be Contagious

She walked up to our table without a smile or friendly greeting on her face and asked in a dreary manner what we wanted to drink. I could have sworn that she rolled her eyes when I asked to have the lemon for my water placed on the side and not in the glass. I glanced at the others in my party and eyebrows were raised. OK, it wasn’t my imagination.
“They” say that attitude is everything. What does that really mean? What is an attitude?
An attitude governs the way you view the world, and the way the world perceives you. According to Wikipedia,  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Attitude_(psychology) your attitude is an expression of favor or disfavor toward a person, place, thing or event.
So your attitude about something or someone is displayed by your mannerisms to that something or someone, how you think about, act about or be about it or them. It is your disposition, position, the way you view or tend to behave towards it, often in an appraising way. Yup, it’s the way you judge others or evaluate a certain situation.
Actually, if you think about it, we have an attitude about EVERYTHING. Stop! Looking at that sentence again will give you a keen insight, an understanding about the power of one’s attitude. You and I have an attitude about EVERYTHING.

We hadn’t quite decided what to eat when our waitress returned to take our order. Stating that we weren’t quite ready, she turned, harrumphed and walked away. What’s going on with her? This was not looking good for her tip. We were perplexed, and silently decided to be the ideal customers. Heck, who knew what she was capable of doing to our food if we caught her attitude and snarled back at her.
An attitude can flavor any situation. How you view someone or a situation usually dictates your opinion or how it’s going to turn out. Being upbeat, positive, enthusiastic will have a different result than if you are down in the mouth, negative and lack luster. Take any situation, apply either scenario, and you can easily predict an outcome.
What’s most encouraging is, like having control over your thoughts, you and I have complete control over our attitude. We are presented with many situations, a myriad of circumstances and each comes with a choice. Choosing one attitude or another guarantees one result or another.
Remaining polite to our snarly waitress definitely had a result; it turned her attitude around completely. By the end of the meal she had warmed up to the point of wanting to know how each of us was related to the other. She initiated a real heartfelt conversation. That was certainly not going to happen had we caught her attitude.
If you think about it, attitude is contagious. You can catch one or not depending upon your point of view, your state of mind. You could turn someone’s day around by infecting them with your empowering way of being.
Go ahead, contaminate the next person you see with your best upbeat, positive, can do attitude. See if you can infect another by who you are being and see if that doesn’t make it a difference making kind of day.
Attitude IS everything!

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