Causing Uncertainty to Create Certainty

Gee, it’s almost midyear already!
Do times seem to be a bit more uncertain than they did just a few months ago?
Living with uncertainty can take its toll on your motivation and desire, your optimism and your good nature, even your health and wellbeing. Naturally we want to be in control of our lives and our futures, and eliminate the uncertainty from our lives.
Since we can’t beam ourselves into times which are more certain, another kind of change is required. 
As much as we desire certainty in our lives, the best way to create certainty is to cause it. Cause uncertainty? Cause uncertainty Are you nuts? Well, maybe yes! By letting go of the constraints the past has on you, you free yourself to an unlimited future. You may need to release a limiting mindset or protective belief to embrace what’s possible and cause a future of your choice. You’ll do it in a planned and controlled manner.
Certainty comes from our ability to create and to manifest on demand. What would your life look like if you could bring forth a passion, develop a business, and generate abundant cash flow all because you said so? Ponder that for a moment before you read on. What would it feel like? Yeah, I thought so. It felt pretty darned good to me too.
Some think that having a job creates certainty. The truth is, as long as someone else is controlling your cash flow, your paycheck, you can’t be truly certain flow will continue. In times like these where we hear the stories of sudden and unexpected terminations, it is essential, in our opinion, to cause your own stability and certainty!  
The obvious answer is simple but not necessarily easy. By developing certain personal skills designed to generate cash flow on demand your stability, control and certainty is then guaranteed. 
It is our belief that you are capable of creating your own certainty because you are endowed with a gift that no other on the planet enjoys. The miracle in creating certainty in any economic condition comes from recognizing that gift and putting it to work.
Don’t you want to know more?
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Rick Lelchuk

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