Life’s Secret Sauce – Gratitude

It doesn’t take much, nor is it hard to find something to be grateful for when you make the time to look. There are abundant opportunities to show your thankfulness, appreciation and gratitude. The world is a wonderful place and all you and I have to do is take a peek.
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The Selfless Act of Enduring Love – Forgiveness

Forgiveness is such a rich topic. We can forgive at any time we choose, but the paradox is we never forget what we forgave. Why is that so? It seems to be a very hard thing for people to do. It is so freeing to forgive, to let go of past upsets and to move forward. 
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Fear: Is It Your Boogie Monster?

There are really only two kinds of fear. There is true fear, fear of physical harm, fear for one’s life, like when you lose control of your car or when someone holds a knife at your throat or points a gun at you. That’s gut wrenching fear of the most valid type. It invokes the fight or flight re Continue Reading »