Career Advice: Don’t Go to Work, Go to Play!


If you take a moment to think back when you were a child you’ll remember that every day was a play day. There were things to be, new realms to discover, worlds to conquer. Your imagination was at full throttle all the time. And, the best part, you didn’t have to venture beyond your own backyard or the backyard of a neighbor kid. It was all there, amusement, entertainment, creativity, the thrill and all of it very, very fulfilling.
Now notice that grin on your face. Yup, it’s there because you are recalling the best times you had… when you were at play.
But, alas, you’re older now, much more sedate in your ways, there are bills to pay, careers to advance, families to grow. Who has time to play?
There’s no real fun or play in maintaining or cultivating a career. Maybe careers change, or they just morph into something new and different because the tide changed. Maybe they don’t. You might find that you have advanced as far as you can go or you are just plain bored with what you’re doing. Maybe you are unsatisfied or underappreciated in what you are doing. There’s no fun in that and no room for play.
Is it time to bring the fun, the amusement and entertainment back into your life and livelihood? With a clear cut vision and purpose for your life you can expect to renew the enjoyment, eliminate the boredom and put the full tilt play back into your life.
Knowing who you are and where you want to go could make a huge difference. The only way to do that and be thrilled about your choice is to know what you are passionate about and make a life and/or career choice from that point of view. Otherwise, you’re just wasting precious time, floundering about hoping some fun will come into your life.   
You can put the play back into your life along with joy and happiness. It’s easy, because, no one who does what they love and is passionate about doing it ever had to toil at a job. Ever.   
There are tools and techniques to help you determine your passions and to keep you focused upon them. Find out what drives you, what lights you up, your purpose and you’ll never go to work again… you’ll go to play.
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