Breaking A Connection

I get my hair cut at my wife’s unisex beauty salon. Been going there for years. Today, in anticipation of the move, I went for my final visit with Ivonne, a caring, wonderful lady who happens to own the shop.
The place is a little slice of Americana and the whole enchilada when it comes to Hispanic culture in Miami. Everyone, except for my wife and me, speaks Spanish. The atmosphere is totally Hispanic. As customers enter the shop everyone is greeted with a boisterous “Buenas,” the shortened version of “buenos dias”, “good day” (days are male) or “buenas noches”, “good evening” (nights are female). Go figure. Vendors drop by regularly to offer their latest acquisitions – plants of all sorts, fruits and vegetables and much more.
There is a wonderful tradition in South Florida brought to America by the Cubans, where a strong Cuban coffee, a colada, is shared with all in little half ounce cups. I brought one with me today to share before I was called to be “beautified.” I poured little cups all around to eager recipients ready for the sweetened caffeine rich treat. The taste of a Cuban coffee is rich and dark, full bodied and aromatic.
This time though the taste and smell of a Cuban coffee brought back an instant rush of memories of all the coladas I have shared over the years. It is a symbol of friendship, camaraderie and caring.
As happy as I am to be moving out of South Florida, there is a certain connection that is about to be broken; a connection to the past, my youth, my upbringing; a connection to certain embedded traditions… amongst them a connection embodied in a small cup of coffee. Bookmark on Delicious Digg this post Recommend on Facebook Share on Linkedin share via Reddit Share with Stumblers Tweet about it Subscribe to the comments on this post Tell a friend Tags: Americana, Buenos dias, Buenos noches, colada, Cuban coffee, Hispanic culture, Miami, Spanish

Rick Lelchuk

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