About Us

Everyone rides a roller coaster. It’s called life. There are certainties in life, like death and change, and then there are the uncertainties, like everything else.
Sometimes we get lucky, like in the case of Lynn and Rick finding each other and then discovering the reason why they were meant to be together.
Lynn and RickHi, this is Rick. Well, I’ve always had an entrepreneurial spirit. Having owned and operated several of my own businesses. I’ve never been able to shake that spirit, guess its part of my DNA. My father infused me with a sense of independence and a desire to make it happen on my own terms.
As I was growing up I didn’t realize the variety of business lessons I was getting at Dad’s side. He was a business owner always looking for the next opportunity. He worked hard, came home tired and it all rubbed off on me. The education was amazing and enduring!
I learned the proper way to be entrepreneurial. I learned how to keep records for income and deductions, how to protect myself by forming an appropriate and legal corporate shield, and I learned how to think on my feet.
My wife, Lynn, had a different experience growing up. Her Dad worked in the family business and instilled in her a sense of leadership, creativity and nurturing that has endeared her to many. Always at the fore front of the groups she belonged to, Lynn held a variety of executive offices, organized and lead events. She kept everyone on track. Within her career she naturally became the “go to person” at every single position. Her leadership skills occur as effortless. If ever there were an opportunity to lead Lynn’s hand was up.
Lynn and I met when she was a team captain at a Landmark Education guest event I attended at the end of 1994. Little did we know that evening that she and I would be spending the rest of our lives together; nor that she would bring with her a key element for our future business success.
It wasn’t until Lynn and I got together (married in 2001) that Lynn considered being in business for herself rather than working for someone else. She too wanted life to be easy and on her terms.
We’d love to get to know you better. Please feel free to drop us a line and let us know what kind of ride life has had you on.