Monthly archives for January, 2013

Fear: Is It Your Boogie Monster?

There are really only two kinds of fear. There is true fear, fear of physical harm, fear for one’s life, like when you lose control of your car or when someone holds a knife at your throat or points a gun at you. That’s gut wrenching fear of the most valid type. It invokes the fight or flight re Continue Reading »


Faith: The Intangible Power

Have you ever believed in something so deeply that you just knew it’s going to happen or that it was the absolute truth and yet there was no way to prove it? Then you have had faith about that thing.
Faith is as about as intangible as it gets. Faith has no shape or form of its own. You can’t tou Continue Reading »


Extraordinary Living Through Discipline

Of all the topics to be included within the lighter side of self-development, discipline and self-discipline didn’t seem to boil right up to the top. So, maybe that’s why writing this piece has taken me longer than expected. I just wasn’t, nor did I want to be, disciplined enough to write it. Continue Reading »