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The Human Side of Being

The study of being is a vast subject. It opens the entire spectrum, the length and breadth and depth of personal improvement, individual introspection, self-evaluation and self-examination. Understanding being is likened to finding the core of one’s existence; it seeks a place where you have to pa Continue Reading »


Caution: Spreading An Attitude – It Can Be Contagious

She walked up to our table without a smile or friendly greeting on her face and asked in a dreary manner what we wanted to drink. I could have sworn that she rolled her eyes when I asked to have the lemon for my water placed on the side and not in the glass. I glanced at the others in my party and e Continue Reading »


I Don’t Want To and You Can’t Make Me – Being Accountable

Ever been in a meeting, or any situation for that matter, when you had a great idea that was going to solve THE problem and get things moving. And, just like Quick Draw McGraw, you shout out the idea and the next thing you know they’ve put you in charge of making it happen.
Whoa, there big fella, Continue Reading »