Monthly archives for August, 2012

Breaking A Connection

I get my hair cut at my wife’s unisex beauty salon. Been going there for years. Today, in anticipation of the move, I went for my final visit with Ivonne, a caring, wonderful lady who happens to own the shop.
The place is a little slice of Americana and the whole enchilada when it comes to Hispani Continue Reading »


It’s All a Process

Moving is a process. Actually, life is a process and moving can be a chore. I tend to forget the “process” piece as I get caught up in the day-to-day minutia. It seems that as I get deep into a project it’s easy to forget the birds-eye view, the whole picture, the bigger picture. I think we al Continue Reading »


Finding a Place to Live – Part 2

We flew in from Greenville Saturday night after 4 days of looking, looking, looking for a place to rent. It was our intention and focus to find a place and we found TWO! Now, that, in an of itself, smells of success and… it is. Yet, as you well enough know, success can be both sweet and bitter… Continue Reading »