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Why Know Your WHY?

Little kids want to know why. Everything is why… Why is the sky blue? Why do I have hair on my head? Why do dogs bark and cats meow? Why do I have to eat green beans? Yuck!?? The questioning is endless.
Every mystery book, movie and TV show hooks us by keeping us wanting to know not only the how, Continue Reading »


Leaders – Born, Made or Neither?

Every one of us started out wet, scared, hungry and in need of immediate care. No baby comes into this world directing traffic and networking in the nursery.

It seems logical that the type of care given, the parental guidance bestowed or withheld, the environmental, cultural and personal experie Continue Reading »


Looking for Leaders


Network marketers are always on a hunt for people like themselves – business builders, believers, business “engineers,” leaders.
Case in point, I had a brief chat with a lady on Facebook and she asked me if I was having any success being a member of a group there. I told her that it was Continue Reading »