2012 – Wishing You A Year of Total Discomfort

I promised to do a video for way too long now. So, here’s my first video salvo. I won’t tell you how long it took and the choice words I had for a certain software company, but, it’s up along with a loose transcript below. Be gentle with me! LOL! (A little over 3 minutes.) RICK

Happy 2012! This is the long awaited year in which the Mayan calendar ends amidst much speculation about what the world will look like the morning of December 22nd. It is the Chinese year of the Dragon. The Chinese dragon is seen as a symbol of power, superiority and rule rather than an evil being as we see it in the west. It is a crucial election year in the United States. And, 2012 is a leap year which we celebrate on February 29th.
For me, it is to be a year of great discomfort. But, I mean that in the most uplifting and empowering manner. I have  hosen 2012 to be the year to get out of my comfort zone, do the things I have said I was going to do and have failed to do. I let my comfort zone control my life. This will be no longer so.
This video is the first example of getting out of my comfort zone. I’ve promised myself to do a video and publish it now for more years than I like to think about. Well, here it is, whatever it is. If my hair is out of place and I stumble on some words, you’ll be OK with it if I’m OK with it. And… I am.
There is more. My wife Lynn and I have been talking about moving to Greenville South Carolina for a long time. But we let it always be a continuous and comfortable two years away. The date has been set to this summer instead of the next two  years.  We will be moved by the beginning of September of 2012.
Lynn and I have launched Inspiring Transitions, our transformational coaching business and will be taking the Passion Test Facilitator certification course the end of January. We’re both very excited to be working with Janet and Chris Attwood and the great folks at The Passion Test. It will become an integral part of our coaching.
As part of our marketing plan for our coaching business we will be having regular teleseminars on a variety of to be determined subjects. This is way out of our comfort zone and a bit scary. Questions like, will people show up? Will they find value in what we have to share? Will they want to continue to hear from us? But, we shall get out of our comfort zone, bear our souls and make it happen.
So, this is going to be a fast moving and very exciting year because we’ve planned it that way.

It is my hope for you to have a very uncomfortable year also. Get out of your comfort zone and make some stuff happen you’ve been wanting to for a long time. Neither of us is getting any younger, you know.
Here’s to Wishing You A Year of Total Discomfort!
Happy 2012!
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