Monthly archives for December, 2011

And now, a message from life

Life can turn on a dime, accelerate to warp speed, and leaving you wondering what happened. Here’s what I mean.
My wife and I have been talking about moving out of South Florida for probably 5 years. We managed to get it down to “in two years”.  Funny thing about that is our move was always Continue Reading »


So Many Things to Things to Talk About!

There is just so much to talk about I don’t know where to begin… or to end.

It’s the end of another year so we could talk about evaluating last year’s performance (or lack thereof) or we could get on with setting new goals and resolutions for 2012. Gee, neither are terribly exciting topics Continue Reading »


Six Steps to Create Your Personal Definition of Success

OK, let’s evaluate.

Your goals are written. Check!
Your perfect day is on paper. Check!
You have a complete business plan. Check!
Your affirmations and gratitude lists are complete. Check!
Chances are you have done some or all of these exercises, but I’d be willing to bet very few have taken Continue Reading »