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Success – By Whose Standard?

Almost everyone wants to be a success in life. Having been taught about success in business, personal success, financial success, family success, spiritual success, it is difficult not to feel the need to be a
success. Heck, the pressure to be successful is almost palatable.
But, not everyone is a Continue Reading »


Fate in a Fortune Cookie

How many times have you wished, after the fact, that you had said or done something different, something bolder? Could you have taken a stand for something but didn’t? Where have you slinked away from a situation later to find thoughts of regret coming to you for what you didn’t do or say?


Career Advice: Don’t Go to Work, Go to Play!


If you take a moment to think back when you were a child you’ll remember that every day was a play day. There were things to be, new realms to discover, worlds to conquer. Your imagination was at full throttle all the time. And, the best part, you didn’t have to venture beyond your own backy Continue Reading »