Monthly archives for October, 2011

Getting to the Next Level

Punch into Google “get to the next level” and see what you get.Wait
, I’ll save you the trouble. 

You get an astounding 780 MILLION hits! So, one might be inclined to assume that “getting to the next level” a very popular subject. You’ve heard it time and time again, “you’ve got t Continue Reading »


Loss Aversion: A Solid Business Lesson from an Airplane

While lurking around an entrepreneur’s group on LinkedIn I got hooked by a particular response to a question. I don’t even remember what the question was and, as you’ll see, that doesn’t much matter.
It seems that after 20 years of preparation Concorde made its first commercial flight. Continue Reading »


Define Yourself


Where do you look to to define yourself?

When you don’t know the meaning of a word you use the dictionary to find out what it means. Used to be when you didn’t know about a subject you could look it up in the encyclopedia. Libraries are still chocked full of reference material containing Continue Reading »